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Vehicle Telematics/Tracking

From only 32p a day, you can revolutionise how you operate your mobile workforce. We offer an industry leading telematics solution on our easy to use platform. From a single vehicle to a fleet of hundreds we have the right solution.

Time Saving

Knowing where your vehicles are at any time. Being able to run detailed reports from hours spent on site to mileage and more.

Money Saving

Reduce fuel costs by streamlining operations. Reduce maintenance costs by monitoring aggressive acceleration, braking and cornering.


Multiple drivers driving one vehicle or different vehicles? No problem with our Driver ID add on system.

Privacy switches for calculating mileage for drivers who use vehicles privately.

CanBus integration for detailed data on the vehicles real time fuel level and consumption.

Remote Tachograph downloading.


Did you know we also supply and fit a range of in-vehicle cameras? Using again only reliable and tested brands. Very soon we’ll also be launching our own connected camera onto our platform, enabling you to remotely download and view footage. Giving FNOL capability in the event of an accident occurring.


As our business formed on installation we have very high standards, an extensive vehicle knowledge, and know that any equipment supplied will only work correctly, if fitted correctly. Often overlooked this is the most important stage, making sure you’re getting reliable and accurate data.

We have a network of approved and audited engineers nationwide. Ensuring the devices are fitted correctly, covertly and conforming to industry standards.

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